Tea Estates In Darjeeling
Darjeeling – nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, shrouded in mist, inter-spruced with sparkling sunshine and rain, breath taking beauty, crystal cold winter and an altitude of 2000-8000 feet of lush green hulls – make a perfect stage for the legendary Darjeeling teas. The teas are delicately plucked by highly skilled tea workers who selectively pluck only the tender two leaves and a bud.
  • Mim Tea Estate

Mim Tea Estate

Orthodox Manufacture : These teas are selectively plucked and is characterized by its light, bright orange cups flavoured with a delicate bouquet and hallmark taste. The liquors are bright and golden in colour which are typical of the first and second flush teas. Mim has 50 hectares of organic plantation. Green and Specialty teas like white tea, oolong, hand-rolled and ‘moondrop balls’ are also its value-added variety which has found discerning customers world wide.

These quality Assam and the Darjeeling marks of Andrww Yule have been over the years exported to niche markets of Europe, Japan, Middle East and Canada. “Harrods” of London, UK, and Japan merchandises Andrew Yule’s Darjeeling and Assam marks in rosewood chestlets and tin caddies.